More Rejection

Having just written about rejection, it worked out well that when I woke up this morning (afternoon), there was another one in my email. To be honest, it was the best one yet, because it did provide some feedback. It was a little vague, though. He said the writing did not reach him when he needed to be reached.

He’s a busy guy, as he explained, but I am left wondering what exactly he meant. He wasn’t reached when he needed reached. Is it like being fired because you thought you called in sick but you did not call in sick at the right hour? Or a relationship that ended because you don’t like talking on the phone but you make your concessions and call, but you only call when she’s at work, not because you’re not trying to talk to her, but because you don’t really listen and don’t actually know when she works or what kind of job she has? Or those people, as they say, who are born too late? The ones that do the swing dancing or those people at the Medieval fairs that eat those whole turkey legs or fans of Major League Baseball?


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