Since sending out my first query to an agent in June, I have written to a total of 12 agents, seven responding with seven very firm and very vague rejections. (Five months later and no response from the first letter.)

I recently wrote to Philip Meyer, author of AMERICAN RUST. His novel is a lot like WE ARE AN OLD TOWN, or vice versa, so I was looking for advice on how to get my book published. I didn’t expect to hear anything back, but he responded with a lengthy note, suggesting going after an MFA and getting contacts that way, and continuing to work and sending out that work with the single-minded knowledge that my work is brilliant and everyone else is idiots. (He hasn’t read any of my work, mind you. He’s just illustrating the necessary mindset.) He also suggested sending my manuscript to his agent. Although it’s a long shot, I am presently printing out the hulking 300-page stack and will soon stuff it into a big yellow envelope so tomorrow I can lug it to the post office, fork over 12 bucks and never hear of or see the package ever again.

All things considered, the moral of the story is Philipp Meyer is not only a good writer, but also a good guy. Go buy AMERICAN RUST. It’s good stuff.


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