Good News

My manuscript, the whole thing, is in the hands of an agent. And, it sounds like she’s actually going to read it.

Although I thought it was pretty perfect when I finished the last big edit of it in June, I’ve been obsessing over it again. I’ve made some changes I wish were there on the pages in front of the agent now. But, what are you going to do?

The section I’m working on now, the section that wakes me up with new ideas and worries that it just won’t ever cut it, is where Saul gets the final piece of his great-grandfather’s stories. Where he finds out if Marshie was some kind of a hero or a cold-blooded killer.

Trying to resolve a lot in that scene, a lot of what I consider subtle things, but the big problem I’m facing right now is using the phrase “old, racist piece of shit” too much. The guy Saul’s talking to, believe it or not, is an old, racist piece of shit, and although that is the best way to put it, how many times can you say old racist piece of shit before it gets too much, you old, racist piece of shit?

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