Good Fiction

Hey, looking for good stories to read? Me either. I understand. I have a TV, too. A really big one. Doesn’t make sense to read.

But hey, if you change your mind, here are the best two short stories I read in October:

In Firstborn by Jake Christie, the narrator’s wife convinces him to carry around a bag of flour to prove he’s ready to have a kid.  It’s like the Saved by the Bell episode where they have to carry around eggs for home ec, but a little darker. A little darker than Saved by the Bell? I know. Not really darker but definitely funnier.

The second, In the Street of Cats by Jac Cattaneo, is about a woman who tattoos over physical scars to cover over emotional ones. I wrote a short story called SMARTEST BROTHER in which the narrator is cheating on his wife with a woman who has the fretboard of a guitar tattooed up her side. She wanted a man who could play, and he wanted a woman who wanted a man who could play, and he would hold her so it was like he was playing, “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry.” Maybe someday it will be published.


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