Disease of my Youth

New short story up. “This is a Quarantine” was published today (Feb. 27) at fourpaperletters.com.

It’s based on fact, but still very much fiction. You see, one night very long ago, I had many too many beers and decided life was too boring, that I needed to go on an adventure. I was with friends and probably encouraged them to go on this adventure as well, tried to steal a friend’s shoes because I didn’t know they weren’t mine, and ran out into the street. Yes, there were snow angels. There was a search party of some kind, from what I understand, that involved one friend, John Cropcho, running with me through the snow while I tried to explain to him just how beautiful the snow was. And it was. Really it was.

As Conor Oberst says, “It’s not something I would recommend/But it is one way to live.”

I figure, though, that if I was willing to put myself through these adventures, I should at least capitalize on them.

Thanks go to Kimberly Myers, who was there that night and later reminded me of how crazy and shoeless I can be.

For clarity’s sake, the closest thing to the narrator from that night was Cropcho, and since he seemingly has some phobia of the internet and will likely never read this, I feel comfortable writing this.

Hope you enjoy the story.


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