We are an Old Town

we areSixty years ago Marshie Kelley held a knife to his boss’ throat and made him watch as his house burned.

The rich factory owner, McKean, and his colleagues were the organizers of an fence craterunderground fighting ring that pitted their workers against each other. Out of  it, the workers got a little extra money, but the longer the fights went on the more brutal and bloody they got: Fighters were being maimed and killed. And Marshie was one of them — with his bare hands — to kill another man.

It’s something Marshie kept quiet; it’s a story that faded away and his family never really knew. When Marshie’s great-grandson, Saul, hears of it, he’s told Marshie was a murderer. He goes to Adamsville to find the truth.

The story comes along at the perfect time for Saul. He’s at a crossroads: Keep writing, chasing a dream that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; or drop out of school, get a job and start digging himself out of debt.

He works his way through the town, collecting and reassembling the stories that add up to what Marshie really did. But, the town was stained by Marshie. When the workers rise up against their employers like they did in that town, it doesn’t encourage new investment. Adamsville began to fall not long after Marshie and his family left, and the people of Adamsville that remember what happened still blame him. They also think that, by digging up the tale of their downfall, Saul will force them to relive it.

Among them are Rachel, who he falls in love with, a diner manager whose culinary skills far exceed her job and town, but who stays for her only surviving family, her grandmother; and John, who has invested the whole of his life into building a business here and has only to decide what he’s willing to do to stop Saul.

The opening and various excerpts have been posted in the home/blog portion of this site. The full opening can be found on the Chs.1-2 tab.

More excerpts and full chapters are here.

For passages, visit https://cstright.wordpress.com/excerpts/excerpts-2/

We are an Old Town is 90,000 words and literary fiction.


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