Started as a place to post news about my writing, links to my short stories and any progress in getting either of my novel projects published, the focus of this site, “We are an Old Town,” has expanded to include the topics I explore in my writing. That is to say, you’ll find short pieces here on subjects relevant to the Rust Belt and Western Pennsylvania, which might mean brownfields and blight, state politics and regional movements, or even the Pirates, Steelers, and zombies, which, although not a sports team, the modern undead did get their birth here, and we can not deny that.

My name is Caleb Stright, and you can find links to my fiction under the “Stories” tab; the first two chapters of my novel “We are an Old Town,” under the “Chs 1-2” tab; and a synopsis of the work of literary fiction under the tab “We are an Old Town.” I write non-fiction, too; I’m the managing editor of The Record-Argus in Greenville, Pa.

In closing, I am looking for representation for “We are an Old Town,” so if you are one of those agenty-types, or know of one, feel free to grab my email address off the “Contact” tab and drop me a line. Actually, anyone, really, feel free to say hello.


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  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on your publishing success and also offer congratulations on finishing your novel. You put together beautiful sentences.

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